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Tamekane Yoshikatsu’s dreamscapes reflect a lifelong interest in adventure and exploring unknown places. Commenting on his art he has said, “Whenever I draw a picture, the horizon spreads before my eyes. It is a message I carve into my prints. As I grow older, I come to think that life itself, our day-by-day life, is a journey. Where do we start? What do we head for? Nevertheless, we always feel the joy of travel. We wonder what we will see next.”

Tamekane-san is married to well known concert pianist Yoko Kitahara. The small, curved piano keyboard that occasionally appears in some of his prints is a tribute to her.

contemporary Japanese printmaker Tamekane Yoshikatsu contemporary Japanese print Guidebook G

Guidebook G

contemporary Japanese print artist Tamekane Yoshikatsu Japanese contemporary prints The Moon in Blue

The Moon in Blue

contemporary Japanese print artist Tamekane Yoshikatsu Japanese contemporary print A Star Watcher

A Star Watcher


1959   Born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

1982    Graduated from the Department of Commercial Science, Kansei Gakuin University. Taught by Mr.Junkichi Kai

1986    Completed Prints Section, Postgraduate Course, Sokei Academy of Fine Arts

1986    Taught by the late Mr. Hideo Horii

1991-94 Studied in Paris

2002    Adjunct professor in the Sokei Academy of Fine Arts

2003    Returned to Japan

2003-04 Visiting Artist at The Graduate School of Fine Arts, The University of Pennsylvania


1988    Shirota Gallery, Tokyo

1989    Miyazaki Gallery, Osaka

1990    Miyazaki Gallery, Osaka

1991    Gallery Natsuhiko, Tokyo

1992    La Cite International des Arts, Paris

1993    Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Heian Gallery, Kyoto

1994    Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Art Gallery Tapies, Kobe

1995    Gallery Vivan, Tokyo, Gallery Hiroo & Y, Tokyo, Gallery Sakata, Odawara

1996    Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Art Gallery Tapies, Kobe

1996    The Ren Brown Collection, California

1997    Azuma Gallery, Seattle, The Ren Brown Collection, California

1998    Art Gallery Tapies, Kobe, Gallery Hiroo & Y, Tokyo

1999    Heian Gallery, Kyoto, Gallery Sakata, Odawara, Gallery Vivan, Tokyo

2000    Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Gallery Ten, Tokyo

2000    Tsurumi Gallery, Yokohama, Art Box Gallery, Tokyo

2001-2008  The Tolman Collection, Tokyo


1987    The 3rd Seibu Art Museum Prints Grand Prize Exhibition

1989    Modern Art Imadate Paper Exhibition — Excellent Work Prize (Imadate City, Fukui Prefecture)

1990    Japan Print Association, The 57th Exhibition — Encouragement Prize

1989    Tama Fine Arts Exhibition — Excellent Work Prize (Oume Municipal Museum of Art)

1991    TAMA Uruoi Arts Exhibition — Encouragement Prize (Tama City, Tokyo)

1991    “World Prints in Kanagawa 91, Eastern Europe & Japan”, Kanagawa Kenmin Gallery

1992    Salon de la Gravure Originale, Musee Baron Gerard, Bayeux, France

1992    Saint-Maur Graphic Arts Biennale, Saint-Maur, France

1993    International Contemporary Prints Exhibition, Elancourt, France

1993    Varna International Print Biennale, Bulgaria

1994    Bitola Internationale Prints Triennale (’97 Macedonia)

1994    Miyako Prints Prize Exhibition (’96 Awarded, Miyako Gallery, Osaka)

1995    Exhibition of Excellent Fine Arts Owned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Arts Academy Hall, Tokyo

1996    Sapporo International Contemporary Prints Biennale (Awarded)

1997    Crakow International Print Biennale, Poland, Intergrafia 97 — International winner, Poland

1999    Budoh no Kuni International Prints Biennale, Yamanashi Prefecture Art Museum

2000    Print 17 (Tronto, Canada)

2002    Print 17 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

2002    Japanese Contemporary Prints (Israel)

2002    Print 17 (Paris, France)

1992– 2012 CWAJ Show, Tokyo


  • Collection of the Japanese Government’s Cultural Bureau
  • Osaka Contemporary Art Center
  • New South Wales State Museum of Art, Australia
  • National Library of France
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Museum of the Arts, Boston

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