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Kuroda Shigeki contemporary Japanese prints Yeloow Impact

Yellow Impact

Kuroda Shigeki contemporary Japanese printmaker Marching March

Marching March

1953    Born in Yokohama, Japan

1968    Started drawings and oil paintings

1972    Started to make intaglio prints

1977    Graduated course of oil painting, Tama Art University

1979    Completed Master’s degree, Tama Art University



1976    Purchase prize, Art University Print Student’s Exhibition (Japan)

1977    Concurrent prize, 8th Nichido Print Grand-prix (Japan)

1978    Superior prize, 2nd Grand-prix Print Competition (Japan)

1979    Concurrent prize, 10th Nichido Print Grand-prix (Japan)

1979    Received grant from Agency of Cultural Affairs (Japan)

1981   Second prize, 1st Asia International Art Exhibition (Bangladesh)

1982   Purchase prize, 5th Miami International Print Biennial (US)

1984   Received Japanese Government Fellowship for study in US (1 year)

1985   Received Japan-US Exchange Scholarship by National Endowment for the Arts

1991   Encouragement Prize for Culture, from Yokohama City Government

1991    Honorary Citizen of University Heights (Ohio, US)

1992   Honorary Member of University of Constanta (Romania)



1977    Gallery Parco (Yokohama, Japan) ’78 ’88 ’92 ’94 ’95

1979   Yoseido Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) ’81 ’83 ’89 ’91 ’94 ’95

1981   Tolman Collection (Tokyo, Japan) ’95

1982   Soker-Kaseman Gallery (San Francisco, CA, US) ’82 ’85

1982    Gilbert Luber Gallery (Philadelphia, PA, US) ’84 ’85 ’87 ’91 ’93 ’94 ’98

1984   Gallery Nuku (Sendai, Japan)

1985   Buschlen/Mowatt Fine Art Gallery (Vancouver, B.C. Canada) ’87

1985    Azuma Fine Art Gallery (Seattle, WA, US) ’86 ’88 ’91 ’93 ’94 ’98

1986   Newmark Gallery (New York, NY, US)

1989   Kanda Gallery (Okinawa, Japan)

1989    J-1 Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

1990   Sairin Gallery (Yokohama, Japan)

1990    Takimoto Gallery (Kamakura, Japan)

1991   Sienna Gallery (San Mateo, CA, US

1991   Marina Fine Arts (Marina Del Rey, CA, US)

1991    Mitzi Verne Collection (Cleveland, OH, US)

1992   Gallery L’etoile (Ebisu, Japan)

1992   Farage Fine Arts (Bellevue, WA, US)

1992   American Arts Gallery (Tacoma, WA, US)

1993   FEWS Gallery (Yokohama, Japan) ’94

1994   Spic St.Troez (Komagane, Japan) ’95 ’96 ’97

1994    The Tolman Collection of New York (US)

2000-02 The Tolman Collection, Tokyo



1977    1st Grand-prix Print Competition (Japan)

1978, 1979  Kanagawa Prefectural Art Exhibition (Japan)

1978    12th Nihon International Art Exhibition (Japan)

1978    9th Nichido Print Grand-prix (Japan)

1979    6th Bradford International Print Biennial (G.B.)

1979, 1981  Ljubliana International Print Biennial (Yugoslavia)

1979,82,85,88 Grenchen International Triennial of Original Colored Graphic (Switzerland)

1979   4th Miami International Print Biennial (US)

1983   Premio International Print Biennial (Italy)

1983    International Print Exhibition 1983 ROC (Taipei, Taiwan)

1984   International Graphic ‘84 (E. Germany)

1997   International Print Exhibition (Portland Art Museum, US by invitation)



1978    Print Space 21st Century Exhibition (The Art Gallery of the Citizens of Yokohama)

1979    21 Contemporary Japanese Printmakers (The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, Boston City Gallery, Massachusetts, US)

1979, 1983~88, 1990~99   CWAJ Print Show (Tokyo American Club)

1979   Contemporary Japanese Print Show (De Cordova Museum, Massachusetts, Us)

1980   Japanese Prints (Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Utsunomiya, Japan)

1980    21 Contemporary Japanese Printmakers (Henry Art Gallery, Washington, US)

1980    Hokusai’s Enkel Exhibition (Marina Dinkler Gallery, Berlin, Germany)

1981   Hokusai’s Enkel Exhibition (Galerie Falazik, Germany, and others)

1982   Yokohama-Shanghai Art Exchange Exhibition (The Art Gallery of the Citizens of Yokohama and Shanghai City Museum)

1982    Bicycle Art Exhibition (The Bicycle Museum, Tokyo)

1982    Print Space 21st Century Exhibition (Yamanashi Prefectural Museum)

1982    The Printmaker in Awarded prize of International Exhibition (The Central Museum of Tokyo)

1983   Traveling Exhibition of Japanese Prints (Poland)

1983    The Japanese Print Since 1900 (British Museum)

1983    5 Contemporary Japanese Printmakers Exhibition (Galerie 36, London)

1985   ’85 Graphic Art Exhibition (Striped House Museum, Tokyo) Contemporary Japanese Prints Exhibition, Presented by CWAJ (Hawaii, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York, Massachusetts, London)

1986   Spotlight on Japan Exhibition (San Diego State University, California, US)

1986    Artexpo NY (New York, US)

1986    Annual Exhibition of Toyama Academy of Hanga Arts (Toyama Prefectural Museum)

1988    Yokohama-Shanghai Art Exchange Exhibition, 100 Landscapes of Yokohama

1988    Contemporary Japanese Print Exhibition (Portland Museum, Oregon)

1990     Print Composition ’90 (Striped House Museum, Tokyo; Tama University of Fine Art, Tokyo)

1989    The Art Gallery of Yokohama

1990    Bay ’90 Barcelona & Yokohama (MM21, Yokohama)

1990    Yokohama Odessa Cultural Exchange Exhibition (Odessa Museum, USSR)

1990    The Art Gallery of the Citizens of Yokohama

1991, 1992 The Artist of Yokohama ’91 (The Art Gallery of the Citizens of Yokohama)

1991, 1992 Yokohama Constanta Cultural Exchange Exhibition (Constanta Museum, Romania)

1993   Rain & Snow: The Umbrella in Japanese Art (Japan Society Inc., New York)

1996   Asia Finer Exhibition (The Newark Library, US)

1998   My Student Time and Now Exhibition (The Tama University of Fine Art Museum)

1998    Contemporary Japanese Prints Exhibition (Haifa Museum, Israel)

2002    Shanghai in the Eyes of World Artists (Shanghai City Museum)

2003    Banryuu Exhibition (Yoemonn Gallery, Kyouto),

2003    The 50th anniversary of Yoseido Gallery Exhibition (Tokyo)

2004    Funasaka Yoshisuke & Kuroda Shigeki Joint Exhibition (Yoseido Gallery)

2008    Making Waves:Contemporary Japanese Prints from Mary and William Way Collection, (Phoenix Art Museum)

2010    Print Competition 2010, Tama University Museum of Fine Art

2010    Friends of the Toyo Art School Print Exhibition, Shimizu Gallery, Yokohama

2011   CWAJ Print Show (28th year)



    • Tochigi Prefecture Museum of Modern Art (Utsunomiya, Japan)
    • The Cleveland Museum of Art (Ohio, US)
    • The State Foundation on Culture and The Arts (Hawaii, US)
    • The British Museum (London)
    • Chicago Institute of Art (Illinois, US)
    • San Francisco Museum (California, US)
    • The Art Gallery of the Citizens of Yokohama (Yokohama, Japan)
    • The Tama University of Fine Art Museum (Hachiooji, Japan)
    • The Hideki Yukawa Memorial (The University of Kyoto, Japan)
    • De Cordova Museum (Massachusetts, US)
    • Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)
    • Constanta Museum (Romania)
    • Odessa Museum of Art (Ukraine)
    • The Yokohama Museum of Art (Yokohama, Japan)
    • Shanghai City Museum (China)
    • Yokota U.S. Air Force Officers’ Club (Yokota, Japan)
    • The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art (Israel)


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