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Fukuoka born Goto Hidehiko has exhibited widely across Japan, as well Central Europe, winning important prizes for his inimitable prints. In 1989, he was named Most Promising New Artist in a major print exhibition held in Tokyo, also taking its Grand Prix.                  

Goto Hidehiko contemporary Japanese printmaker Moonbeam


Goto-san takes his inspiration from nature forms. He is particularly drawn to the simple lines and shapes of natural objects such as stones, which he collects from morning walks along the beach with his dog. This early morning time is critical for him: he often draws before he is completely awake.

The exquisite lines and textures in his work, using extremely difficult to control, water based inks, is unparalleled.

In addition to being a printmaker, Goto-san is one of Japan’s most famous master baren markers for his fellow printmakers. (A baren, pronounced bah-ren, is the tool used to press paper on to the inked block so that it absorbs the ink, it is made of coiled fibers sheathed in bamboo leaf).


  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), US
  • Suzuka City Museum of Graphic Art, Nagano
Goto Hidehiko contemporary Japanese prints

Evening Door

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